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He say’s we make America great again.

By dividing up our nation.

Ignorant, orange fat man.

Dictatorship is his master plan.

Let’s get him out!!!


There’s a monkey in the house!


He instigates hatred and bigotry.

With an administration of hypocrisy.

Destroying all the lands for the filthy rich and destroying all we know of democracy.

Let’s get him out!!!


He’s a cheat. He’s a liar. He’s a threat and conspires

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We’ve had enough! Of the inequalities!

We’ve had enough of the disparity.

We are culture! We are diversity! Take down the privileged ones and kill their greed!


We the people! We have a voice!

We the people! We have a choice!


Let’s all gather! In unity!

Let’s show the world what is humanity.

We are strong, one and all. Together we will achieve! Burn down all hatred and bigotry!


Open your minds to the opportunities.

Open your hearts to the possibilities.

Open your thoughts to the abilities.

Open your mouths to a new society! Free society!


We the people! We have a voice! We the people! We have a choice!

We the people! We have our rights! We the people! United we will fight!



It’s a perfect day! Perfect day!

For a rally and a march.

A walkout, a strike, a picket line.

It is a demonstration!

There’s going to be a gathering

and we are taking it downtown.

The message is we demand for change!

We express our frustration!


We’ve had enough! Going to the protest!

This is our choice! Going to the protest!

The time is now! Going to the protest!

Going to the protest! Going to the protest!

We put up a fight! Going to the protest!

For all our rights! Going to the protest!

This is our fight! Going to the protest!

Going to the protest! Going to the protest!


It’s a great day! Great day!

To stand in line and cry out.

Stand and resist! Raise your fists!

We’re expressing our objection!

Let’s take it to the capitol

and bring it to their front door.

The mass is here, and the point is clear!

We declare a new administration!


What I see from my screen!

There is endless of violence and misery!

What I see from my screen!

Lack of compassion and corporate greed!

From my screen!


Moving images and senseless memes.

Thoughtless opinions and broken dreams.

Keyboard warriors lack of identity.

A world connected to the insanity!


Stickers, Emojis and moving Gifs.

Digital attachments and daily news briefs

Corrupted media. It’s commercialized. Deception, corruption and government lies



You’ve been warned! You’ve been told!

Play with fire and you will get burned!

Don’t act surprised when you realize! When your leader has taken it all and left to die!


Don’t cry to me! Don’t you blame me!

Cause it’s on you!


You choose ignorance! Deny the truths!

All politicians don’t care about you!

Don’t be amazed when your privileges run dry. Slap on the face when your pension runs awry

Bleed The Same


She was a girl from the wrong side of the tracks

A little sloppy with bruises on her back

From the hanger her mom had hit her with

That’s her price for being her kid


Outside our differences displayed

Inside our hearts and minds gotta change

‘cuz cutting down the weak don’t make you strong

It doesn’t matter where you’re from


We all bleed the same

Bleed the same!

Bleed the same!

Bleed the same!


He was a product of a wealthy home

Grew up rich, but a friend he’d never known

A silent kid, spent all his time alone

Always bullied, no fault of his own


She was a whipping post when she was at home

The kids at school never left him alone

Torture and ridicule were all they had known

They carried those scars until they were grown


They found their bodies, no longer kids

In the places where they always hid

Trying to shield themselves from their daily hell

From the rafters they swing like a bell


Social dilemma

Artificial intelligence

Embedded in a social kind

You’re the calculated target

To take over your social mind


Social dilemma


Stimulate your neural addiction

To bet that they’ll your soul

A total manipulation

That’s the coded goal

They don’t care


This message is for the willfully ignorant

Closed minded over priviledged ones

They’re betting on the fact that you will obey

It’s predatory promotion and you are their prey


They don’t care about you

Why can’t you see the proof?

They only want your money

They don’t care about you

They don’t care about you

You’re only revenue

Why can’t you see it coming?

They don’t care about you


Disregard all the warnings and signs

That you are only pawns to their design

The wealthy and opulent are advertising lies

It’s all about the profit and not your pety lives

Glory Days


I don’t know what the future holds and I don’t fucking care

It don’t really matter to me anyway, we won’t find out ‘til we get there

Whether we were right, whether we were wrong, or if we went astray

Just remember this my friends, these are the glory days


These are the glory days

These are the glory days

People keep changing, time keeps moving, and nothing stays the same

Just remember this my friends, these are the glory days


Some people spend their whole life longing for the good old days

Those days are gone, never coming back, don’t wait for the world to change

Just keep moving forward, learn from our mistakes

Leave the past in the past, cuz it don’t fucking matter, just live for today


how did we get into this mess?

Walking around with constant distress we are all depressed

It’s not a joke and it’s not a test

It’s lethal! It’s airborn!  An airborn sickness

cause it’s a lockdown

Six feet everyone

It’s a lockdown

Stay inside or die


Mask up everyone! Its an epidemic

It’s a virus that will kill your lungs

This is so epic

Lose your senses lose you taste lose your mind

You better get inside or it’ll get you in a matter of time


We’re not immune!

It’s doom and gloom

There’s no vaccine

No choice but to quarantine

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